State Chair Info / Videos / Links & Convention Agenda and Hints for Attendees

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Steve Munisteri on his election as Republican Party of Texas State Chair!!!


Houston Tea Party Society has posted the Convention agenda and some great tips on attending for new attendees HERE.

Cathie Adams – Incumbent – Updated 6/6/2010 w/2 more of Tom’s videos. rhl

Cathie Adams - Incumbent

Email: Email Cathie
Brochure: Cathie Adams/Robin Armstrong Brochure
Bio: Cathie’s Bio
Twitter: Cathie on Twitter
Facebook: Cathie on FaceBook
YouTube Videos: Cathie on YouTube

Contact Info: Adams/Armstrong Campaign

PO Box 794382
Dallas, TX 75379
Phone: 214-538-7451  or  972-381-7550

Steve Munisteri

Steve Munisteri

Email: Email Steve
Bio: Steve’s Bio
Video: Steve’s YouTube Channel
Plan 1: Reduce fundraising costs.
Plan 2: Empowering our grassroots.
Twitter: Steve on Twitter
Facebook: Steve on FaceBook

Steve Munisteri for State Chairman
3637 W. Alabama #210
Houston, Texas 77027

Tom Mechler

Tom Mechler

Email: Email Tom
10 point plan: Tom’s Plan:
Platform: Tom’s Platform
Bio: Meet Tom
Twitter: Tom on Twitter
Facebook: Tom on FaceBook

Campaign to Elect Tom Mechler for Chairman of the Texas Republican Party
13000 S FM 1258
Amarillo, TX  79118-4602

Office: 888-357-0454
Fax: 480-287-8522

Article on all three as candidates for RPT Chair

Party Crashers: 3 Texans who want to run the state

From Robin: I have to say: if we’re looking to move the RPT into the future, based on using technology to help us get to know the candidates, Steve Munisteri wins hands down. I couldn’t believe that incumbent Cathie Adams linked to a search on her name at YouTube–she didn’t have a channel of her own, and NOT ONE VIDEO FOR THIS CAMPAIGN. I attended Steve Munisteri’s Meet & Greet last night and was very favorably impressed. I am still doing my due diligence, but the lack of technology in Cathie’s and Tom’s campaigns is very problematic to me.  She has sent an email out trying to get me a video to post, but honestly, IMO–it should already be up on You Tube. Will post it or a link when I can.

I searched and found one of Tom’s speeches online and have included it so you can hear his message.

VIDEOS for CANDIDATES BELOW click on more…

Cathie Adams: Most recent video was her series for Coppell Repub Club on Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny
Here is part 1.

Steve Munisteri:
Steve Munisteri for Republican Party of Texas Chairman

Steve Munisteri in Burleson Co., TX on 4/17/20

Steve Munisteri May 25, 2010 — addresses RPT delegates in Collin County

Tom Mechler with High Plains Republican Women in Amarillo, TX
Only video online I could find. No You Tube Channel for Tom either.

Update: two more of Tom’s videos shared by commenter below:


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  1. More videos on Tom Mechler:

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