N.J. Gov. Chris Christie swiftly vetoes ‘millionaires tax,’ property tax rebate bills

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie swiftly vetoes ‘millionaires tax,’ property tax rebate bills 

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by Matt Freidman/Statehouse Bureau and Lisa Fleisher/Statehouse Bureau

TRENTON — It took about two minutes from the time Senate President Steve Sweeney certified the passage of the millionaires tax package for Gov. Chris Christie to veto the bills at his desk.

“While I have little doubt that the sponsors and supporters of this bill sincerely believe that the state can tax its way out of this financial crisis, I believe that this bill does nothing more than repeat the failed, irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal policies of the past,” wrote Christie in his veto statement. “Now is not the time for more of the same. Ultimately, another tax increase will punish the state’s struggling small businesses and set our economy further back from recovery.”

“What took you so long ?” asked Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak. Christie sat at a wooden desk emblazoned with the seal of the state of New Jersey and swiftly signed vetoes.

“We’ll be back, governor,” said Sweeney.

“Alright, we’ll see,” said Christie.

Democrats would need two-thirds majority in both houses of the Legislature to override the veto. “This is something we’re not going away on,” said Sweeney. “This isn’t theater, this isn’t a gimmick.”

The democrats just keep on stoking the flames of racism and class envy. They don’t believe that wealth trickles down? Maybe they should take a real hard look at how poor “poor” is under tyrants and socialist regimes–like ours is becoming.

It’s all in the definitions of the terms they like to use to cover up their real agenda with.


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  1. helen piechotta

    Wow, we finally got a man to govern, a man for “all of the people”. My husband and I are so proud of you Gov. Christie for standing up for what you believe is right. Dear God, you cannot imagine what it is like to listen to a man who “actually” believes in what he claims to do. I admire the way you stood up to that crowd that gathered around your home, you showed no anger or resentment…how about running for President? ..I haven’t been this excited since the Reagan days. Please keep up the good work, don’t let them get to you. You’ve got what it takes and boy, does this State need you! Good luck, Helen & Klaus Piechotta

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