VIDEOS: Bill White Town Hall of 5/3/10

Ray Jenkins of DGW, Doing Good Works, Inc. has put 9 videos of our Bill White Town Hall up at . (You can also click on MORE below to find the videos in order for your convenience.)


If you watch it and find a section we might like to highlight as a separate clip, please note which video, and the time of that section: ie. climate change, raising taxes to pay off debt, etc.

We are trying to ask the politicians questions which reveal their underlying belief system that informs the policies they champion. We do not want to just attack politicians we disagree with, or they would never come and allow us to get to know them and their beliefs.

You have to listen closely sometimes, as politicians these days like to be whoever voters want them to be, instead of statesman who are willing to let the people see who they are and let them choose. (Think NJ Governor here!) Mr. White did share some of his beliefs with us that evening, several of which are contrary to ours.

If you hear one of these revealing moments in the videos, please add a comment below noting which video, and the time that it took place, as well as the topic. We would like to put together some clips highlighting our differences (or real instances of agreement) between ur TEA Party ideals, and Mr. White’s philosophy and vision for Texas.

As always we’d like to thank Lone Star College-Kingwood for letting us use their facilities for our Town Hall with Mr. White, and Kevin Price, Houston radio host of The Price of Business (Monday at 7:00 AM on CNN 650) publisher of the Houston Business Review for the wonderful job he did moderating our discussion. We did have a number of people who attended the town Hall who handed in questions. Some of the questions Mr. Price reads are from the audience, as well as from the TEA Party.

Click on more for the videos to load.

KW TEA Party Town Hall with TX Gubernatorial Candidate Bill White
Lone Star College, CLA 114
Kingwood, Texas

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6:

Video 7:

Video 8:

Video 9:


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  1. Bill White is such a slimy, shady career politician. Plus, he is pro-abortion (anti-life), anti-Second Amendment, and for Obamacare, cap and trade, and all kinds of other liberal crap. NO THANK YOU.

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