Gubernatorial Town Hall with Bill White: Mon., 5/3/10, Lone Star College–Kingwood, 7 pm Come Early

Kingwood TEA Party Gubernatorial Town Hall with Bill White
Lone Star College-Kingwood campus on Monday at 7 pm
Bldg. A, Teaching Theatre, CLA 114. Use Parking Lot C. Click for Campus Map. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Come early to guarantee seating: Seating is limited to first 190 attendees.

Former Houston Mayor, Gubernatorial candidate Bill White has agreed to come to Kingwood to share his vision for Texas.

He certainly sounds like a good conservative, yet:

  • he kept intact policies which made Houston a “Sanctuary City” even if he wouldn’t  call it by that name,
  • maintained unsustainable defined benefit plans for enough city employees to run through Houston’s former budget surplus,
  • supports Pres. Obama’s ruinous, not to mention unconstitutional Health Care Law, etc.

We will maintain a polite tone in our discussion with Mr. White, but we need to bring good sharp, SPECIFIC questions that will clarify Mr. White’s true beliefs that will inform his policy choices if elected so we can make an informed choice next November. Good Patriots, please come armed with your good questions and concerns so we can have a meaningful discussion with Gubernatorial candidate, Bill White.


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  1. Someone ask him about his refusal to comply with proposition 2, which limited government growth to inflation and population growth.

    Also, the man promised to fix the lights in downtown, which he did at first, but then broke them back in 2006/07.

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