My Response to the Continuing Republican Party Appeal for Funds:

We don’t trust the Republican Party to give our money to CONSERVATIVE candidates anymore. If you have truly CONSERVATIVE candidates you’d like to support, please bring them to our attention. We will happily give our donations to conservative candidates who are running, but many, if not most of us, will not give it to the Republican Party machine.
Fight the good fight and we will be behind you, but if you try to give us Arlen Specter or John McCain, you will be alone. It was a Republican back room deal that gave us Arlen Specter and lost us Rick Santorum. We no longer have any loyalty to Republicans per se, but only to true fiscal, constitutionally-grounded conservatives who will help us turn away from the socialistic path this country is on, and reestablish Free Markets in a land of freedom and individual responsibility.

Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party, Founder

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