Response from Ted Poe re: my email of support from Jim and Me

Dear Mr. Lennon:

Thank you for contacting me regarding healthcare reform. I appreciate having the benefit of your view on this important issue.

On March 21, 2010, in the late hours of the night, the House passed the Senate healthcare legislation, H.R.3950, the Patient Protection and Healthcare Affordability Act by a vote of 219 to 212. Additionally, the House passed a package of “fixes,” H.R.4872, the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, also known as the Senate reconciliation package. Upon the President’s signature, H.R.3950 will become public law.

As promised, I voted NO to H.R.3950 and H.R.4872. Rest assured, the fight is not over. I will continue to stand strong and challenge the constitutionally of the government mandates in this legislation. I plan to introduce legislation in the coming days to prevent the implementation and enforcement of this provision due to its unconstitutionality. Our federal government does not have the authority to force Americans to buy anything.

Additionally, Texas and more than 30 other states are prepared to sue the federal government for an exercise of unconstitutional action. H.R.3950 was previously passed by the Senate, however the reconciliation package has not. It is unknown when, and if the Senate will consider the reconciliation package. Without the passage of the reconciliation package, H.R.3950 stands as law without the many “fixes” that House leadership pledged would be included. It also includes many backroom payoffs and special deals for special folks.

I will continue to stand up for meaningful reform that keeps the federal government out of our doctor’s office and out of our private lives.

Thank you again for contacting me with your thoughts. For additional information regarding current legislation and my representation of the 2nd District, please refer to my website: While you are visiting the website, be sure to sign up for my electronic newsletter.

God and Texas,

Member of Congress TEXAS


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  1. Mr. Poe states he will move legislation to strip the purchase mandate. Does this mean he supports the balance of this execrable pile of crap?

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