Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) Gives Our Independence Day Speech, Sat. 3/13/10

I had trouble with this playing smoothly and ended up downloading it to watch it, but it is well worth the effort.We need to head to DC if possible, or else to District offices in record numbers. Call, Fax, get your friends and relatives in the Democrats districts to call and visit their representatives district offices. This is where the pedal hits the medal. May God bless our efforts!

Is anyone available to drive out to Chet Edwards office with me tomorrow, Tues., 3/16/10,  to thank him for his NO vote; his website says he’s voting NO! I could be talked into driving to SLJ and Gene Green’s offices if no one else can go to Bryan tomorrow. Please email me at KWTEAParty@gmail.com if you can go either to Bryan or to Houston tomorrow.



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