Like to Fax your Representatives? It’s easy with American Voice

For those who are interested: click on more to learn about American Voice, a new conservative group that lets you fax your representatives for free, minimal charge for faxing other reps and officials. It’s still in its infancy, they call it a beta release.

Several of us are currently testing out a new conservative social group that is being developed for our use. It is free to join and can be found at . If you’d like to join and help us test it out, look for KWTEAParty and request to become a friend.

American Voice offers the least expensive “fax your representatives and government officials” online options that we’ve found. Faxing your officials from the local level up to the federal level is free. It has been created by local Houston Patriots for conservatives to help GOOOH, but also other unrelated conservative groups like us (TEA Party), 9-12, We Surround Them, etc. There is a charge for sending faxes to representatives/officials that are not your own, but I think it comes out to pennies a fax instead of those more expensive sites I’ve seen. Please let us know what you think of the site.

They are trying to make pressuring/supporting our local officials easy, as well as give us a way to unite with other like-minded groups, and we will be meeting with them to let them know of problems (they have been having problems with video uploads that they are working on), suggestions, and things we particularly like. This is totally voluntary. Kindly disregard if you are not interested.


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