KWTPS Meeting: Mon., 3/15/10 Los Cucos – KW 7 pm

Come early and dine with us. It’s a great way to thank Los Cucos for having us!
Please RSVP to  so Los Cucos can set up accordingly.
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Subject Line: 3/15 Mtg: #Attending Mtg Only

We’ll be having a speaker who will address the Iniative and Referendum issue. If you have something you’d like to share with us, let us know when you sign in and we’ll schedule you for 3 minutes of Open Mike time for the first three who sign up.

Interested in learning more about the Initiative & Referendum, click on “More” below.

Looking forward to seeing you there–









[Art Bedford (speaker) is] the spokesperson for Texans for Initiative & Referendum Rights (I&R). You may be asking, what the heck are I&R rights? I&R gives citizens the opportunity to have their voices heard loud and clear by their state government. Initiative is the right of citizens to propose state laws or constitutional amendments which after they have collected hundreds of thousands of signatures, the proposed legislation is placed on the general election ballot for the approval (or rejection) by the Texas voters; thus bypassing the legislature..

Referendum is the right of citizens to repeal laws passed by the state legislature that the citizens feel are harmful. They do this in the same way as the initiative, collecting signatures and having the proposition placed on the general election ballot for approval or rejection by Texas voters. The legislature passed law cannot go into effect until the people have voted.

Every poll conducted has shown that every demographic group has been overwhelmingly supportive of having these rights. Only two groups have been vehemently opposed: Legislators and special interest groups. Most (not all) legislators don’t like it because it dilutes their power a bit and special interests hate it because they would rather spend their $200 million each session infuencing 181 legislators than the 10 million Texans who vote. Each session, special interests get over 1000 new laws in their favor. They refuse to give up this monopoly of influencing legislation. They have been responsible for stopping all attempts at getting I&R for Texans.

I urge you to go to our website: and learn what I&R is all about.


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