KWTPS: Monday, March 1 Meeting — Los Cucos-Kingwood 7 pm

We hope to see you at: Los Cucos – Kingwood
                           Monday, 3/1/2010
                           7 pm meeting; dine with us earlier.
                           Please RSVP:
                           (Subject Line: 3/1 – # for Dinner or Meeting Only)
                                 Los Cucos needs to be able to plan
                                 re: tables, wait staff, etc. Thank you!
SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Members Jeremy and Mary Carol Taylor attended the Nashville Tea Party convention and will share with us their impressions and thoughts about the event.
PRECINCT CONVENTIONS: The most important TEA Party of the year will be held the evening of Tues., Mar. 2 at your precinct convention. You’ll want to be prepared to make sure that you and your values are well represented in the party conventions, and we’ll help you prepare!
DISCUSSION GROUPS: We will also be asking everyone to share with us the issue nearest and dearest to their hearts. If there is enough interest, we can break into discussion groups where each can share his knowledge, or learn more, especially if there is something we can all do to help. We’d like to make these groups a regular part of our meetings so we can better tap into the knowledge, ideas, and plans that each of you have.
In going to 9-12 March on Washington as a group? We could schedule a bus and convoy there with others who’d like to drive.
In a Saturday, May 1 TEA Party in Town Center celebration of our first year anniversary (actual anniversary is April 27)?
Other ideas?
OPEN MIKE MONDAYs: If you have something you’d particularly like to share, please let us know at the sign in table. We’ll be happy to hand you the mike for 3 minutes each as time permits. Share your thoughts about what you’d like KWTPS to do, an issue you’d like to discuss or bring to our attention, or upcoming events or action items you’d like to present to the group.
It should be a great evening, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!!!


Robin Lennon
KWTPS Co-founder



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