KWTPS thanks our WONDERFUL Sponsors–please support them!

A Big Texas THANK YOU! to the Lipseys and FRED ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIO in Kingwood, TX who allowed us the use of their parking lot for last Saturday’s KWTPS Town Hall with Debra Medina. KSA had inadvertently double-booked us at Town Center Park with the Mardi Gras festival, and the Lipseys helped us transform a disaster into a great success for everyone. Not only that, but they shared free dance lessons with the early comers. Even though we don’t want the politicians dancing around the issues, we hope to have Kingwood dancing our way through the 2010 elections!  Many thanks, Cynthia and Pahj!

Patriot Thanks also to Jill Vidal and  Elegant Beginnings who provided not only a world class, and extremely solid and safe stage with all the trimmings for us and Ms. Medina on Saturday, but they even provided us with a truck large enough to move it for the weekend. If we ever need any catering paraphernalia, we’ll certainly go to our friends, the experts at Elegant Beginnings in Atascocita, and ask that you give them your patronage also!

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