Repub Primary Voters ALERT: Precinct Chair Races Are Below the Propositions

From the Houston Tea Party Society (Originally from Ed Hubbard):

Normally, all races come before the propositions on the ballot.  However, when the GOP set up the ballot for the 2010 Primary, they put the precinct chair races below the propositions.

Please pass this information on to your lists to reach other voters who intend to vote in the Republican Primary this spring, so they know to go all the way down the ballot and vote for the important position of Harris County  Republican Party Chair!


Posted on February 15, 2010, in 2010 March Primary, Harris County Primaries 2010. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Harris County Republican Precinct Chair contests are in precincts:

    0001, 0148, 0377
    0020, 0155, 0383
    0026, 0182, 0436
    0050, 0265, 0442
    0057, 0296, 0443
    0097, 0306, 0448
    0098, 0309, 0477
    0112, 0310, 0480
    0119, 0333, 0484
    0130, 0351,


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