Apostle Claver/Raging Elephants-Ground War Boot Camp-Humble, Texas, Sat Jan 23, 2010

The word from Claver is that this is a complete Boot Camp–the whole enchilada as to why and how to work to convert liberals, particularly faithful black liberal Christians to join us in voting for our values.
When he first came to Kingwood, Claver showed us why we need to win converts to our cause, and that it’s possible to do it–now learn the specific how-to’s so we can be BOOTS ON THE GROUND in this war for ideas! I believe the day begins with a recap of the political situation, so if you missed Claver’s wonderful presentation to the TEA Party, you’ll have another chance to learn more about our political landscape plus how to win converts.
What a difference a day makes! I certainly hope to hear Scott Brown giving the Republican response to the State  of the Union address!!!!
Saturday, January 23, 2010
New Covenant Church  ** MAP **
901 Wilson
Humble, Texas  77338
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Claver<>< Job 36:11
Kingwood TEA Party Society

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  1. sign me up please!

  2. Let’s git real. It is the Democrats who help the African Americans. The GOP only cares about big business and the wealthy. You are totally WRONG.

    • If by helping you mean destroying minority families, encouraging them to murder their own unborn, leaving their children to rot in politically correct government schools that encourage their self-identification as victims rather than preparing them to succeed in a free market society that offers equal justice under the law, stifling businesses with a over-regulated economy that punishes the successful entrepeneurs who have traditionally provide the lion’s share of our jobs, giving us a 10% unemployment rate overall, with over 50% unemployment for black teens, then yes, the Democrats HELP the blacks.

      If however, you mean helping the blacks who believe in the value of constitutionally limited gov’t which is FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE, honest work, education, family values, and individual responsibility, then it is CONSERVATIVES (not big spending, large government progressive republicans or democrats who are the American citizens compatriots in bringing this country back to sanity.

      I invite all concerned Americans who want to see a vibrant, economically-sound government that protects the will and lives of the people to join the Kingwood TEA Party in our search for and encouragment of true conservatives to send to Austin and DC for the good of our nation–and to follow-up with them to insure that they remember their conservative roots and the people at home who are depending on them to do the job we elect them to do.

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