KW TEA Party is going to the Election Eve Tea Party Tonight, 7 – 10 pm at Sam Houston Race Park

10,000+ WOWS!!!!!

Click here for the call sheet to defeat the Pelosi Health-kill Bill. PLEASE CALL AS MUCH AS YOU ARE ABLE!!! It is divided into sets. Please call those listed in the group that your last name begins with. Thank you, Julie!!!


KWTPS is going to a Tea Party instead and we hope you can join us! We’re meeting at the Pavilion in the Los Cucos Parking lot at 5:30 pm. We’ll vote on the best sign and take photos for the site, carpool if needed, and head out to the Race Park together around 5:45 pm. Join us. 

UPDATE: So many are going straight to the Race Park–so we’ll vote on the best sign there!

Hear Christopher, Lord Monkton & Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale in person at the North Houston Tea Party Patriots Tea Party!

Our friends at North Houston Tea Party Patriots (aka The Woodlands) are hosting an event to celebrate the largest Tea Party of all–ELECTION DAY! Kingwood TEA Party Society is heading out to the Race Park, signs in hand, to support them and to show Washington that 2010 will be here before they know it. We are arming ourselves with knowledge and beginning to take our duty to watch our government seriously.

You can have reserved VIP seating and a commemorative t-shirt for a $100 donation, or reserved regular seating and a t-shirt for a $50 donation to help defray costs. LAWN SEATING IS FREE–bring your own camp chair! Concessions/food will be available if you have to come directly from work! Gates open at 5 pm. The Rally will be from 7 – 9 pm.

Come, JOIN US! Bring your friends, family, and co-workers.  Let’s show our politicians that we are still watching everything they do, are voting in this election and eager to vote in 2010!

We the People have awakened!



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  1. Cannot attend the tax protest at a place where one gambles their savings for a relative few owners. Would have been more than happy to attend one or two years ago when much of our government spending was being accomplished with no thought of how to pay for the spending, but again I can’t remember any organized meeting to complain about the $80 billion or a month to wage what turned out to be the largest hoax on America: Looing for weapons of mass destruction. And still we can’t afford $80 billion a month to insure our Americans. What a moral dilema

    • As for the weapons of mass destruction, they have been found, just not reported. At the time of the Iraqi War, I read Milblogs daily. They were found and reported by grunts on the ground, but posts were all removed soon thereafter at the same time. Remember the convoys leaving Iraq through Syria. Shortly thereafter people died from poisonous gas in the Sudan. If the press don’t report the findings, the American people are operating in the dark.

      By the way, a couple of years ago, three to be exact, is when the American people voted in a democratic Congress under Bush. The problems Pres. Obama keeps saying he inherited came from a democratic Congress. Read up on how the younger Obama forced banks to lend money for mortgages to poor risks, and how the democratic leadership led us to the housing crisis. The RINO Repubs helped increase spending with the Dems help, but it was a cupful of spending compared to an oceanful. And now they are reinstituting the same policy that broke us. Heard about the reissuance of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

      As for the Race Track, there will be no gambling there while we are present that evening, except for the gambling going on in Washington with our tax dollars. They are betting that they can spend us into prosperity. Has never worked, will never work. Complain about the peripherals or work to save our nation. The time is now. You’ll either be part of the solution, or you’ll help to destroy our country.

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