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frontI attended a Kingwood Tea Party Society voter information meeting last night which featured Houston mayoral candidate Roy Morales. The meeting was held at Los Cucos in Kingwood and the turnout was very good, approximately 45 people on a Tuesday night. It was the first Kingwood Tea Party meeting I have attended and I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm and spirit of both the attendees and the organizers, Robin Lennon and Larry Lane.

The meeting opened with a prayer and then Roy led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ms. Lennon then spoke on several subjects and noted that all four major candidates running for Mayor of Houston had addressed their group previously. She stated that all of them had come across as conservatives but that based upon their records, Roy was truly the only conservative and that the group had invited him back to make certain that their members understood this. The impression I got was that Annise Parker, Peter Brown and Gene Locke had tailored their message to the audience that was listening rather than campaign openly and honestly.

To read about the rest of the Kingwood TEA Party meeting, click here to visit David Jenning’s site, Big Jolly Politics. Click here  for a slideshow of David’s wonderful photos of our meeting.

Thank you for your wonderful coverage of our event, David! We hope to see you at the Race Park on the 2nd.


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