Kingwood TeaParty Supports the Only Conservative Mayoral Candidate

KWTPS Welcomes Roy MoralesAfter hearing from all four mayoral candidates over the past several meetings, the executive council has voted to endorse Roy Morales, the only conservative candidate standing for the post of Mayor of Houston, and invited him to return to the TEA Party to clarify the conservative solutions to the majoy problems that Houston is facing after all these years of tax and spend liberals with their smoke and mirrors.

He has also been endorsed by the HC Republican Party and the Libertarians. Speaking at our Oct. 27 meeting Candidate Morales ‘took off the gloves’ and expounded on the undesirable self-serving traits displayed by his three liberal opponents and re-emphasized that he would discharge his mayoral duties in a manner consistent with traditional conservative values, fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market.

Robin set the tone for the evening when she exclaimed, “If I hear one more person declare that they are voting for a free-spending liberal because the conservative candidate can’t possibly win, I’m going to go ballistic! All they will do is give the liberals a false mandate and I don’t like how they spend our money when think they they have a mandate–do you?”  She officially opened the meeting with an appropriate prayer for wisdom, patience and understanding, after which Roy Morales, a retired U. S. Air Force Lt. Col. and the only conservative candidate for Houston Mayor,  led the assembly in a salute to our Flag.

Following Robin’s brief remarks Larry Lane introduced our candidate by attempting to enumerate Mr. Morales’ background and qualifications.  By his own admission, Larry would not be able to list all our candidate’s accomplishments and qualifications in just a few minutes. So some details covered below are gleaned from the candidate’s printed bio.

Mr. Morales served in the military for 23 yrs. With degrees in psychology, computer sciences and space operations, he directed the integration of billions of dollars in military programs and was chief of the space shuttle operations team for Air Force joint operations with NASA. He is an expert in homeland security and disaster planning and had been the chief technology officer for the City of Houston’s emergency center. He has served for 3 yrs on the board of trustees for the Harris County Department of Education, and chairman of the audit and budget committee.(Some details of his work here came to light later in the evening).

When our candidate ‘took off the gloves’, he did it with an air of dignity and sounded almost apologetic for the self-serving activities of his liberal opponents. He described them as ‘sounding like Ronald Regan’ but acting like true liberals, regardless of their political affiliation. He designated them as ‘puppets of the federal government’ and pointed out that Mr. Locke occupies the Houston office used by the Obama campaign, employing some of the same staff previously involved with voter repression scandal. He claimed that the shortfall in the city’s operating budget has been virtually ignored by the City Comptroller  and that she failed to stop the bleeding during her 6 yrs in office.

According to Mr. Morales, since 2002 Metro costs are 3 times the budget amount while the board has spent more than $250 million on studies, traveling many times on evaluation jaunts.. Still Metro owes the city more than $125 million, more than enough to cover the operating shortfall if only they were forced to pay it. Since the savings account at the state is in a negative position, the city is on the verge of bankruptcy. Contrarily, in his role of budget chairman for HCED, Mr. Morales was able to freeze taxes and give property tax relief while giving teachers a 3% pay increase. He also pointed out that property taxes will be lower next year in HCED..

The next Mayor of Houston admittedly has a tough job. Mr. Morales pledged to attack the dire situation as a true conservative by making government work for the benefit of the city. The details of his concerns are well documented in his campaign handouts. Following are a number of specifics addressed both during his talk and also during the Q$A session that followed.

Mr. Morales confirmed that his approach to fulfilling his duties would be conservative; limiting the size of government, creating jobs and curtailing taxes. A significant goal is to bring more jobs to the area by offering tax relief to business and eliminating types of policies and practices that hurt small businesses, like enforcing Safe/Clear and ignoring 287G. He wants to upgrade city services, like facilitating  access to building permits  and putting two officers in police cars.

In answer to several questions he emphasized:

  • No city involvement in ACORN
  • Establish that Houston is not a sanctuary city
  • Immediate reinstatement of 287G fornvestigating crime
  • Video equipment in patrol cars and better use of data bases like NCIC
  • Secure our borders to facilitate breaking up gangs and eliminating illegals
  • Use of prevention/deterrent techniques against organized crime
  • Change the city health and retirement plan to contributory
  • Reduce spending by eliminating excesses
  • Supports Right to Work laws
  • Give better representation to newly annexed areas  like Kingwood and Clear Lake.

The evening ended by handing out lawn signs and collecting contributions for Houston’s only conservative choice for Mayor. If ever a time existed when Houston needs a Mayor who understands that you can’t spend your way into prosperity while systematically overtaxing and destroying the businesses that create wealth, it is now, and Roy Morales is that candidate.

H/T to Rick Nietubicz for this article, as well as to all of our wonderful volunteers without whom there would be no Kingwood TEA Party Society–thank you all!!!!

Nota bene: For the record, I really dislike ceding the term “liberal” to the dems. WE are the true liberty-lovers.


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