ACTION NEEDED: Congress’s Secret Plan to Pass Government-run Healthcare

obamacare_bend_overThank you, Renee’ Herath & Katy Tea for a great summary with links and letters (see below) to jumpstart our efforts to fight the Senate push to shove ObamaCare & the government option  …errr…somewhere.

Please take action. Call/Write/Fax our Senators, and especially the moderate Dems, Sen. Paul Kirk (Ted K’s replacement). Write letters to the editors of our local papers.

Complete Senators’ mailing addresses & phone list: (looks wrong, but works-rhl)



______________FROM RENEE’__________________

Fellow Patriots,

I spoke with Culberson’s office regarding his comments on Edd Hendee’s radio show Thursday morning in Houston. He was speaking about a sneaky plan to pass government-run healthcare. A copy of their emailed response and other comments from him have been posted to

It appears that regardless of what we think, say, or DO, the senate plans to attach the two committees combined efforts to some simple bill (i.e. TARP salaries) w/60 votes- after it’s passed so they can vote it through – in attachments – with only 51 votes. We need to MELT every phone/email/fax line once they pass the ‘carrier’ legislation and before they pass the amended TROJAN HORSE.

Here you can find your and all of the Senators’ contact info:

We have two sample letters (one directed at the democrats and one directed at the republicans) posted @

Here are links to articles that can explain it better than I. (The one from Heritage is my favorite.)

Please help us get this information out to as many as we can before it is too late!

For Liberty,

Renee’ A Herath


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