The Kingwood TEA Party is a’boilin’

kw_tea_party_aug_17-bordAugust 17, 2009 — Approximately 220 people crowded into the informational meeting at Los Cucos restaurant sponsored by the Kingwood Tea Party Society. Organizers and speakers alike were overwhelmed by the turnout since they had RSVP’s from only 55 people. Several candidates for the Houston City Council attended to handshake with the audience. Casey Christman, the Houston Regional Field Director from Gov. Perry’s office also attended. The two key speakers of the evening captured both the mind and spirit of the attendees.

Bernard Navarro related his story of growing up in a well-to-do American entrepreneurial household in Havana, Cuba. He told of the rise of Castro to power, how it affected the rights of the citizenry and how his family escaped tyranny by fleeing to Florida under the guise of a lengthy family vacation. His reflection on the parallels between the emergence of socialism in Cuba and what he sees happening in the U.S.A. provoked frightening images for the audience, particularly when he talked about Castro’s lieutenants and compared them to the 32 czars that report directly to the current president with no congressional oversight.

Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani of the Raging Elephants organization ( captivated the attendees with his demographic analysis of why conservatism lost the 2008 election at all levels from local, county, state and national He stressed the fact many church-going voters of color fail to cast their ballot in agreement with their convictions and that failure to cast their ballot according to their expressed feelings about such issues as abortion, health care and illegal immigration left the door open for the liberalists to win the election. His point that only positive pro-active dedication to winning those voters over to the conservative side will reverse the current trends toward socialism.

Thanks to Richard Nietubicz for putting this wonderful event into words, and to Kathy Balow who always beutifies our events, and also shares her great pictures with us, too!


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  1. Tom A. Johannsen

    I have been following you since I heard about the meetings. I work offshore and have not been able to attend any of the meetings. Maybe I will be home when one of the next ones are scheduled. Anyway, I support you 100% and keep up the enthusiasm and good work. It is time for everyone to finally make a stand and bring this country back to what it was and should be again!
    Thanks, Tom A. Johannsen

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