9/12 Observations by a Patriot who was there

I am so taken aback by the lack of or hack reporting by the MSM, on the 9-12 DC Rally, I took the time to try encapsulate what I witnessed at yesterday’s Washington DC event — to get the word out as much as possible…Enough is Enough!

While marching with an aggregation of Americans down DC’s Pennslyvania Avenue toward the capitol building, I got a lump in my throat upon realizing the enormity of the turnout. Representing all walks of life, age, diversity, experiences, fellow rally-goers were intent on sending an out of touch, elitist President and elected leaders a message – ENOUGH!!!!!

As we marched, a helicopter carrying President Obama flew over on the first leg of his trip to a Rally in Minnesota — almost too cliche, if not real life, to the purpose of our being there. [The fact of the presidential helicopter fly over was reported by the news media, along with the warning messages to the White House that the rally would be bigger than first thought…warning messages?]

Everyone was asking, “How many people do you think are here? Along with overhearing remarks such as “I never expected this many people to be here” to “This is unbelievable!” However, nothing prepared us for what we found when reaching the capitol building — people had already filled up the entire rally area, Capitol Police were already restricting access and redirecting foot traffic. I saw others emotionally choking up as they were first realizing the enormity of what they were witnessing. Further, thousands of people could be seen streaming into the area from all directions – not just the Pennslyvania Ave procession – and people streamed in throughout the rest of the day! Just when you might think the place was as full as it could get, if you turned around — there were even more present.

A variety of Rally speakers, from various backgrounds, political affiliations, diversities, offered messages that resonated with the multitudes and were validated by cheers, constant-thunderous applause, and unified chants such as, “ENOUGH,” “USA,” “Take our Country Back,” “No More Taxes (or Czars, or Lies)” “2010, 2012,” “You Work For Us.” and led spontaneous renditions of “God Bless America,” “America the Beautiful,” “Star and Stripes,” and more.

I spotted Forty-three state flags mixed in with a sea of Stars-and-Stripes, declaratory banners, and Don’t Tread On Me flags. Signs made by rally goers representated a slice of this movement’s frustrations with our elected leaders…rally-goers were even taking pictures of others signs! For those fortunate to attend this historical effort, we knew something huge was happening not only in DC, but also, in the country.

For every one of us at the event, quite a few more would have liked to have joined in DC, but were simply not able or attended a number of same-day-rallies being held throughout the country. In the final hour of the event, we asked a several of the capitol uniformed police if they had an estimate of the event attendees and were told, by all of them, there were more people attending this DC rally than at the 2009 inauguration event. Additionally, there were over 4000 parked buses — that transported rally goers — AND some buses having been turned away and not allowed to unload their passengers – maximum capacity had been reached!

In the aftermath of the event, the multitudes dispersed and returned home by planes, trains, automobiles, buses, or by foot. On our way home, my fellow travelers and I anxiously awaited the coverage by the Media — SURELY even they could not ignore what had just happened!! Oh, how wrong we were! The mainstream media, more than did a hack job on the event — you could almost see the assigned junior reporters holding their nose because THEY had to cover the event! We know the truth and no wonder the mainstream media practicing hack journalism is losing marketshare/advertisers/credibility by the day — in the long run, the truth of the event and the movement will prevail. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!!

PS…Thanks to those of you on Pennslyvania avenue throwing things at us from sidewalks or balconies — you just make us more determined — especially the balcony of a building with the first admendment inscribed on the front — larger than life.

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