Martha’s (KWTPS Member) Report from Washington D.C. – 9/10/09

Liberty Summit-Dick ArmeyToday, we attended a Liberty Summit at the DC Armory where there were several speakers. Dick Army, from Texas, is on the board of Freedom Works, the National Company that sponsored this event. There were a lot of different groups, as well, that co-sponsored it. (some of you may not remember Dick Army but he was in the House several years ago and was the Majority Whip during the 1994 era) He also was the one who first brought up the Flat Tax.

Jim DeMint, Senator from South Carolina, and several others spoke discussing the health care bill and cap and trade, and what we could expect if these bills are passed. They also congratulated everyone for doing “our part” in stopping the train. We were told that it is important to call and write, email, fax our senator and representative. It does help and it has.

One of the speakers said “We, the people, are all making history –there has never been a march by conservatives on Washington” We left the Armory and attended a Press Conference held on the Capitol grounds by Freedom Works. The speakers included — Eric Cantor, Virginia, John Boehner, Minority Whip, Mike Pence, Ohio and several others.

Just before the Press Conference, we spoke to Dick Army for about 15 minutes. We told him we were all from the Kingwood, TX area and all attended Second Baptist Church. He said we better be careful and not let the Democrats hear that because they might “call us out”. He is a very personable person. Tomorrow, some have plans in the morning, the rest of us will go into town and see if anyone is having a memorial downtown for 911 and maybe visit some museums.

Saturday is the day!




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