Houston Tea Party Open House Report

Karalee’s report from Houston Tea Party gathering–mega-thanks KaraLee!

I went to the Houston Tea Party open house this past Saturday.   Here are a few notes taken:  They are planning to continue to move forward with their agenda – forum with candidates together to discuss their platform and their beliefs,  work with all Texas tea parties to have a larger voice, have activities around the primary, inform people who is running and about each candidate, HTPS will not endorse a candidate but will provide information.

They also mentioned that UPS is the only company who has dropped ads from Fox.  You can call UPS customer service complaint department at 800-pickups (742-5877).  Some others who have dropped ads from Glenn Beck are Geico, Farmers, Walmart, Verizon.  Also, Disney being very left wing, some of that is coming across in their movies.

They had tables set up for each committee (they have already have a chairperson for them) to allow people to sign up to volunteer.  We are not that far along yet because we need to know what interest we have and who will want to chair some of these committees.  If we do not want to do an email, we could set something up at our next meeting and those of us who have been involved could man the different areas and the ones without a chairperson could ask for one at that time.  The person manning the tables would have to know something about the committee and explain what is needed for it.  Just some thoughts.

They also had a good sign that was simple and to the point that we could use for Kingwood.  It says –

I’m For

Tea Party



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  1. I would add that CVS is most definitely part of the Glenn Beck boycott. Here is there response to my letter to them:


    Dear Karen :

    Thank you very much for your communication about our decision regarding advertising on the Glenn Beck show.

    Our position is simple and was not driven by taking sides in any political debate. We support free speech of all kinds, and vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans. But we expect the speech and the debate to be informed, inclusive and respectful, in keeping with our company’s core values and commitment to diversity. In our view, Mr. Beck crossed the line.

    While advertising on the Fox network is part of our communication plan, we had not requested time on Glenn Beck’s show specifically. We have instructed our advertising agency to inform Fox to ensure Glenn Beck’s program is not part of our advertising plan.

    We’re sorry you are unhappy about our decision. Nonetheless, we must continue to be true to our core values – accountability, respect, integrity, openness and teamwork.

    Thank you again for your email.




    Customer Relations


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