Houston Prayer Vigil: Countering Pro-ObamaCare Rally 9/3/09

URGENT:  Your presence needed for a massive Thursday evening prayer vigil!!!

ACORN, Organizing for America and Planned Parenthood are planning rallies this Thursday evening across the country in an attempt to send our Congressmen and women back to Washington believing that their constituents support the Obama Health Care Plan. This is an attempt to downplay the town hall meetings where the majority of people attending expressed their displeasure with H.R. 3200, the Obama Health Care Plan.

We need you to attend! Let’s send a message loud and clear to Washington that we do not support Planned Parenthood and  “reproductive rights” (code word for abortion) in our health care and will not pay for them with our tax dollars.

Hopefully our Congress men and women are listening.

This will be a peaceful and legal event.  Please bring signs that say:
“NO to Abortion in our Health Care”, “Abortion is NOT Health Care,” “Keep Abortion OUT of Health Care,” “NO Taxpayer Funded Abortions,” or “STOP the Abortion Mandate”.

Please wear red to stand out to everyone in attendance and the media.

DATE:           Thursday, September 3rd
TIME:            6:30-8:00PM
LOCATION:  900 Smith, please gather at the east end of Reflection Pond
closest to Smith St.
Please park in the underground parking across the street from City Hall, or anywhere you can find a spot.  Arrive early to ensure a spot!
Please reply to staff@houstoncoalition.com to let us know that you will be attending.
Forward this email to all of your family and friends!


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