Freedom Bus to 9/5 Stand Up for Texas! with Sam Malone — Need a Ride?

BusHouston personality Sam Malone is shopping for a Grassroots Green tee shirt! He’s joining the Houston Tea Party Society and Tea Party groups from across the state for “Stand Up for Texas!” – a grassroots, Texas-sized Tea Party Saturday, September 5th, from 1:00 to 4:00 on the south steps of the Capitol in Austin.

“It’s about time taxpaying citizens took a stand and made demands of the folks in Austin who work for us,” said Mr. Malone, “it’s my privilege to speak on behalf of the Houston Tea Party Society and the local delegation at “Stand Up for Texas!”

Other speakers include Joe the Plumber and Stephen Crowder. State Tea Party chapters attending include San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Wichita Falls, Sugar Land, Mount Pleasant, Katy, Lufkin, McAllen, Baytown, Beaumont and others. Overall attendance is projected to exceed 20,000.

Book your seat today on a Freedom Bus at

Seats tickets require a $25 minimum donation.

“Major props to the Houston Tea Party Society,” said Mr. Malone, “you’ve done an incredible job of mobilizing the community and keeping focus on what the government seems to have lost track of, and that is common sense governance and fiscal responsibility.”

The Houston Tea Party Society was founded in February, 2009 as a non-partisan, grassroots effort run by citizens for citizens. Information at More information on Sam Malone can be found on his personal website


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  1. So who is Sam Malone?


    A local Houston radio personality who has been on CNN & Fox…

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