Is It Just Me?

The more I read about the current state of our country, the more I expect to awaken from a nightmare.

Since when does the President of the United States declare war on an entire class of private companies? I’m thinking of insurance companies here.

Since when does the President tell private companies how much money they can pay in bonuses?

Since when does the government tell private companies they can’t purchase or use private jets, and then try to purchase luxuriously appointed jets for their own use–not just on public business, but on junkets that include family and friends on non-official flights?

Since when does the President thrust himself into the middle of local police proceedings, telling a police officer that he acted “stupidly” in a public matter without hearing all of the circumstances?

Since when does the President of the United States say publicly that those who support the Healthcare Bill that he is shilling for without even reading it will push back twice as hard? Is he not familiar with the power of officials’ words? Hasn’t he read about the murder of Thomas Becket? What a coincidence that an SEIU supporters hurled racial epithets at a black conservative and then physically attacked him after hearing those words spoken by the President!

Since when does a Diversity Official who wants to wage war on PRIVATE conservative radio and television stations get appointed to the FCC?

I pray every day for President Obama and his family, appointees, officials, supporters, legislators, judicial appointees, all government bureaucrats, and each of us–all American citizens. May we all be given the grace of pure intentions and a strong conversion to God until He is firmly back in the center in the American Public Square–as this Nation was created to be.


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