Left’s Tactics: Divide & Conquer

A post on Hugh Hewitt’s blog from his ad-exec guy concerning the divide and conquer tactics I’ve thought the Administration was using to keep most of us so busy with our hot-button issues that we fail to see the big-picture power grab.

Just look at the issues and happenings of the last few weeks: Torture vs. enhanced interrogation, did it work?, do they care?, what did Pelosi know?, what did Pelosi say this time?, the unleashing of Cheney, Gitmo vs. Supermax, cap and trade, Obamacare, single payer, the budget, the performance tax, the California tax revolt, the California bailout?, DC owns GM, beer tax, soda tax, Michael Steele and infighting, more Tea Parties brewing, are they coming after semi-autos and detachable mags?, an activist supreme court nomination and a Carter-esqe stance on North Korean nukes….whew. And I just touched on part of the stuff. It’s like October and sports. Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, auto racing — there’s so much going on, you simply can’t keep up with it all.

Which is exactly what the Administration is hoping. Remember HOPE? Their greatest hope seems to be to divide, confuse, diffuse, and ultimately, conquer. And recent success stories notwithstanding, if we on the right don’t recognize the strategy, and address it for what it is and how it’s designed, we play directly into it.

There has been a small but growing amount of discussion — notably, from Hannity — about Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and how it has influenced Obama’s political philosophies and career. From my perspective, Sean couldn’t be more right. Reading “Rules” is like reading their playbook. Rule 8: Keep the pressure on.

Well-worth the read. The link is here.

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