Most recent Deficit Graph

found on Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds).


H/T to Jim Lennon–thanks, Jim, you’re the best!

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  1. If this is an argument about whether Democrats or Republicans are more “Conservative,” perhaps your graph should extend backwards a few more years, and things then become terribly clear:

    In case you don’t notice, the SURPLUS in that picture is under Clinton — A DEMOCRAT — in case you ignored that.

    That “red stuff” on either side of Clinton is called a Deficit. Notice that terrible red ink went on before and after Clinton — while “conservative” Republicans were in charge.

    Man, the truth hurts. I’m sorry for you.

    • I don’t know why everyone thinks that the Tea Party movement is Republican in nature. Though “conservative,” we believe that the Republican party has left its fiscally responsible roots far behind. Witness the Republican Party supporting a candidate that was actually more socially liberal than the Democratic candidate in NY 23.

      You are creating a strawman here. We didn’t like the deficit under Bush, and like the ocean of debt under Pres. Obama less. It is time to take the purse strings away from the federal government. It is too costly for them to collect such huge amounts of money, for the elected officials to become billionaires and give us one-size fits all table scraps back. It will be much better to collect the money on a local/state level and never have the money go through Waskington, DC’s hands. So much tax money was never meant to go there for just these reasons.

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