Memorial Day Activities: Texans Surround Austin

If you’d like the opportunity to go to Austin and Surround our Texas State Capitol Building for the day, we urge you to support the Texans Surround Austin Memorial Day Rally. Tracey Miller, who gave us a Legislative Report at our Open Mic Rant Night sent me the following email with the details:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you all my plans for this Memorial Day weekend. I will be at the Texas State Capitol South Steps at 1:00 on Memorial Day!

The thrust of the event is for Constitutional Law, which some of you may realize we have gotten away from over the years. We have invited some speakers. I am pleased to share that William J. Federer, author of “Back Fired – A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion” will be there to deliver his message which America needs to hear. We also will have a Constitutional Scholar who will talk about our legal ways of redressing our grievances. We have a great panel of speakers, including a Constitutional Scholar, grassroots organizers and average citizens.

I hope you can be counted among the crowd at this historic event. Men have died for the rights we enjoy, what better way to honor their sacrifice than stand for what they sacrificed for on Memorial Day. I’m breaking with tradition of hot dogs and back yard barbecue for this important phase of history. Grassroots have changed things for the better and enforced the contract that is the Constitution where it was not enforced before and this is one of those times.

On a related note: Several states have resolutions for state’s rights, Texas has a resolution that was killed yesterday and sent back to committee. It is HCR 50 (affirming tenth amendment of the US Constitution), they have about a week to get this heard and voted on.. If it passes the House it would be a sign that the Texas Legislature is going to work with Texans for Constitutional Law.

The event coordinators for this event have worked feverishly to pull it all together and mostly at our own expense. This is not a capital enterprise, it is a grassroots movement of everyday people.

Click on the Meetup Link below for a flier for you to share with others, and a Pink Slip (to print on pink paper) to bring to the Capitol. Please spread the word about this historical event.


Tracy Miller
Political Strategist- Texans Surround Austin


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