2nd General Meeting: Wed., May 6, 2009

gavel_flagSave the night of May 18th for the first Kingwood TEA Party Society event: Open Mike Rant Night. 6:30 – 8 pm. Location in Kingwood, TX TBA.

We had a lively meeting at Los Cucos with 37 attendees including myself (Robin). We recommend having general or planning meetings at Los Cucos if you have one near you. They segregated us on a patio by ourselves. We filled half of it, but they turned off the music and were wonderful. My food was very good, too.

We started off by unanimously agreeing to change our motto from Constitution ~ Commerce ~ Security to the Patriots’ core of “Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Market” in solidarity with our fellow TEA Party Patriots! I also printed off from the Patriot website the Values and Rationale for everyone to take home with them and read over, as it explains our purpose quite well.

We want to do Open Mike on the 18th and our members are going to be checking into venues, including our Town Center green. One of our group has an amp and mike that should work. We have a law student who is going to design our logo, business card, bumper stickers and t-shirts, so we’ll have some merchandise to sell along with yours! It’s all going to match so we’re branded. I take it that’s a good thing.

Another member gave me her mom’s card. She prints business cards and t-shirts. So we’re hopefully going to have some of our own merchandise to sell along with Houston’s on Rant Night.

Fourth of July: Everyone was excited about having a sign-making rally prior to the parade, then having a float with some costumed Patriots, and as many as they’ll let us marching with signs around the float advertising our website and Houston Tea Party venue and time. Thought we’d toss the occasional Tshirt and candy with labels with our website & logo tied on into the crowd. Then convoy and carpool to the Houston TEA Party protest.

Eric Zuleger stayed up front with me as cochair and did a fabulous job of explaining our vision and goals for the KW TEA Party Society: to educate ourselves and our neighbors about the issues, candidate’s records, and the political process so that we can join together and effect sane, real change in our government from the ground up in the 2010 election. The Patriots group/website nationally and our TX organization of TEA Parties will have a big part to play in that.

I’m going to ask Eric to write us a summary for the website of the Town Halls we hope to start in June.

With your help and support, the Kingwood TEA Party Society will soon be up and running and doing our part in the political fight for the future of our country. Silent No More!
If you’d like to learn more about the Kingwood TEA Party Society (all are welcome: we have members from Dayton, Splendora, Atascocita, Humble, Huffman, and Kingwood so far) or join forces with us, please send me an email using the Contact Form below.


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