Kingwood TEA Party 1st Meeting – 4/27/09

gavel_flagWe held our first meeting this evening, Monday,
April 27, 2009  in Kingwood, TX.

Members of the KWTP in attendance: Jim & Robin Lennon, Curtis Wyborney, Eric Zuleger, Bobby Jordan, Kaydene Jordan, Diane Engelhardt, Don Morris, Dale Morris, Steve Seckel, Chris Seckel.

Members of Houston TEA Party Society in attendance: Josh Parker, Debbie Maxey, Janine Bounds, Vincent Gonzales, Sara Gonzales, and Barb Flory.

Our two representatives for the Area TEA Party Organizers Meeting tomorrow evening in Houston are Eric Zuleger and Don Morris.  Don Morris is also going to secure Kingwood TEA Party and Kingwood TEA Party Society dba’s for our group.

All members are de facto members of the Membership Committee. We all need to reach out and recruit new members, sponsors, and donors. We are in particular need for anyone who has connections to local restaurants where we can meet, a lawyer who would help us establish a legal presence, and an accountant or CPA who would be in charge of our finances and legal documents.

Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 7 p.m. at a location to be determined. If you would like to join us on the 6th, please send your email address to us using the Contact Us form at the end of this post.  We’d love to have you, and feel free to bring some recruits with you.

Many ideas were discussed, but we seem to be agreed that our unifying themes are: Constitution, Commerce, and Security.

Josh Parker from the Houston TEA Party Society gave us an overview of the TEA Party movement from it inception on Twitter in response to Santelli’s Rant all the way through upcoming events planned by the Houston TPS. He also gave us lots of good ideas and food for thought, as did Debbie Maxey who shared her experience with volunteers and potential recruits. We have to be prepared to help citizens who are angry and unfocused, sometimes by giving them information on how to call or write their congressmen.

Find your congressmen/representatives website:

We will be organizing around the necessary committees to get us up and running on the 6th, and Eric and Don will share with us all what they learned at the area organizers meeting.

Josh highly recommended that we remain an independent TEA Party organization, and we seemed to agree that we should hold local Town Hall-style meetings for educational purposes and to dialog with local politicians, as well as hold local rallies either before or after the larger Houston TEA Parties. We could then convoy and/or hire buses to take us to the Houston venues.

Please call Rep. Todd Smith 512-463-0522, leaving your name, phone number, and message that the Voter ID Bill must be effective in 2010, not 2014. This next election is an important one! See article here for details and sources: Please pass this on to everyone!!!

If you attended and feel I left out anything important please feel free to add your comments in the comments section.


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