Mission Statement: Why are you here?

picture-019_webThe Welcome Post, as well as the Contact Us page have contact forms that make it easy to contact us and also allow for your comments so that we can begin establishing contact with one another.

For starters, let’s begin discussing what our Mission Statement should say, and which items we can all agree on for a platform.

The main reasons my husband and I attended our first protest are:


2) We must stop OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING that will have to be paid for by our children and grandchildren–not to mention us when the Ponzi scheme collapses.

3) CONTROLLING OUR BORDERS is an absolute must.

4) It is time to rein in the Federal government to DEFENSE, INTERSTATE COMMERCE the infrastructure needed to maintain it (roads/bridges), and maintaining a national currency–the powers given it by the U.S. Constitution.

5) Establishing a TRULY FREE PRESS & maintaining INTERNET FREEDOM is absolutlely needed.

6) Requiring REAL HISTORY to be taught in schools and colleges–based upon the ideas that there is such a thing as Truth, and Right and Wrong.

Over 10,000 people attended the Houston TEA Party on 4/15/09 and the Houston TEA Party Society is in the process of lining up follow-up gatherings in May, and July. Personally I think the video of Chuck Schumer saying on C-Span that the Americal People don’t care about the pork should be the rallying video everywhere (See it in the post immediately below this one.). We do care and hopefully, the Silent Majority is alive and well, and ceasing to be silent.

Your comments?


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  1. Here is one response I received via email:

    The following issues are important to me:

    1. Stop all Fed spending that is not spelled out in the Constitution.

    2. Secure the borders North and South.

    3. Show all elected officals that if you lie to the public than you will be removed from office. (When did it become alright for elected officals to lie to the public then say well I dont remember or I forgot.)

    4.Force the Feds to use proper accounting terms.( a balance budjet means if you have $100 you can only spend $100, not, Well we want $150 and we only spent $145 so were under budget when in fact you still only had $100).

    5. Put in place a 10% Fed sales tax and do away with the IRS, no goverment agency has abused powers as the IRS has done.(Jesus only ask for 10% do you think the goverment does better work)

    6. Inform the elected officals they are sent to DC to protect our rights not bring back the pork,( If they would leave the money here than the states could take care of themselves.)

  2. And another:

    I do not like the direction this country is going and if we cannot get enough people involved we are going to lose our freedoms.

    Here is one of the latest things going on I think all parents should be worried about. http://parentalrights.org has all the details.

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